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Here are the top five benefits of utilizing promotional items:

1. Enhancing your brand image

 Giving away free gifts with a significant message can carve your brand's image in customers' minds. If you are looking for ways to improve or increase your goodwill, distributing promotional products is exactly what you need.

2. Spread the word with existing customers.


Promotional products is an excellent medium to revive your offerings amongst existing as well as potential customers.


3. Generate leads for sales


The ultimate goal for any business is to increase sales and for that you would require leads. You can request potential customers to submit their contact details in return for the promotional gift.


4. Help launch new products, services, facilities


When you launch a new product or service, the key criteria is usually to create awareness about it. Promotion is an ideal medium to spread awareness and if your product is extraordinary, people might actually talk about it for several years!


5. Awards and incentives - Stimulate productivity level of employees


The magic of promotional items is not merely restricted to potential customers. Distributing an amusing stress buster amongst employees can motivate them to perform better.


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Your quote requests and inquiries will be handled by our promotional experts located right here in Toronto, who are dedicated to providing the right product, at the right price for the right promotion of your brand. If you would rather you can always call us toll free and we’d be happy to talk you through the best options for you.


Some of today’s hottest trends are:


#1 – Eco friendly promotional items.

With the increased focus on buying local, global warming, and other recent economic factors, making sure the products you distribute do not harm the environment is key to many organizations. People are becoming more aware of the degrading environmental situation we are in, and you can help them do their part. Whether you are a major supporter or not, there is no denying you do have an impact on the environment and can help your business with the times by choosing an eco-friendly promotional alternative.



#2 – Seasonal colors, and up-to date styles.

How many times have you given out that same tired polo shirt to the same people at that same golf tournament. Get with the times and this year’s style by calculating exactly how much product you will need. While you are there, make sure you get women’s styles and cuts for women, and men’s styles and cuts for men. Unisex styles are no longer acceptable, and no one ever wore them anyways. If sizing and gender breakdown are too complicated, go with this year’s fashionable tote bag, or a pen set. Something that everyone can use.


#3 – Functional promotional items that have the latest technology built right in

There are amazing promotional solutions on the market today. Basic promotional ideas such as simple ceramic mugs that have logos that change color when hot or cold beverages are poured in, or utilizing “super sticky” post-it notes for those situations when the normal adhesive just isn’t strong enough. Regular products with a twist can make your promotion stand out from the crowd.

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